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Retreats | Kuhunga

Together in community

Building a prayer life is a long, slow, transformation process.

A Spiritual Retreat is part of that process and it is about coming away from the busyness of life and all the demands that come with it to re-seek rhythm and God.


It's about coming together in community to learn again ways of being. To pause, listen, soften and open to God.

These retreats are curated spaces for the Church of Aotearoa to restfully gather where God's power can visit us spontaneously along the way. 



Next Retreat

Date February 8th - 10th

Make space for slowing down this summer, to grow with others in prayer and closeness with God. 


$310.00 (Includes 2 nights accommodation and all meals).


Register for Retreat

Thanks for registering! I'll personally get in touch regarding your payment.

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